Chocolate tartlets

One bite of these delicious mini chocolate tarts and your guests will be begging for the recipe. The orange flavoured liqueur adds the perfect touch of sophistication. Grand Marnier or Cointreau will work beautifully.
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1.For pastry, process flour, sugar and butter until coarse. Add egg yolk; process until combined. Knead pastry on floured surface until smooth. Cover; refrigerate 30 minutes. If pastry is too dry, add 2 teaspoons of water with the egg yolk.
2.Grease two 12-hole (2-tablespoons/40ml) deep flat-based patty pans.
3.Roll pastry between sheets of baking paper to 3mm thickness; cut out twenty-four 6.5cm rounds. Press rounds into pan holes; prick bases all over with fork. Refrigerate 30 minutes.
4.Preheat oven to 200°C/180°C fan-forced.
5.Bake pastry cases 10 minutes. Cool.
6.Reduce temperature to 180°C/160°C fan-forced.
7.Combine chocolate, cream and liqueur in small saucepan; stir over low heat until smooth. Cool 5 minutes.
8.Meanwhile, beat egg, egg yolks and sugar in small bowl with electric mixer until light and fluffy; fold chocolate mixture into egg mixture.
9.Divide filling among pastry cases. Bake 8 minutes; cool 10 minutes. Refrigerate 1 hour. Serve dusted with a little sifted cocoa powder.



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