Candy train

candy train
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1.Preheat oven to 180°C ; grease and line deep 23cm-square cake pan. Make cake according to directions on packets, pour into pan; bake in oven about 1 hour. Stand cake in pan 10 minutes; turn onto wire rack to cool. Using serrated knife, level cake top.
2.Cut cake into 8 x 6cm squares. Sift cocoa and icing sugar into medium heatproof bowl, stir in butter and milk; stir over medium saucepan of simmering water until icing is of a coating consistency.
3.Using fork, dip squares in icing; drain off excess, toss cakes in coconut. Place lamingtons on wire rack to set.
4.Place one whole lamington at front of prepared board. Cut two-thirds from another lamington; position this lamington piece in front of whole lamington for train’s engine. Completely hollow out with a serrated knife remaining smaller lamington piece; top whole lamington with hollowed-out lamington, as shown.
5.Using small serrated knife, cut shallow hollows into remaining lamingtons.
6.Connect six lamingtons, hollow-side up, with Fruit Sticks, to make train’s carriages.
7.Position green Life Savers on top of engine; position yellow Life Savers on each carriage for wheels. Stand two red jelly beans in green Life Savers on engine; place three black jelly beans at front of engine for grill. Fill each carriage and hollow of engine with remaining jelly beans.

You can use 8 x 6cm-square (3.5cm-deep) ready-made lamingtons, if preferred.


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