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Butterfly display case

Celebrate your child's birthday with this charming (and easy to make) butterfly display case.
butterfly display case
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1.Level cake top. Secure cake, cut-side down, on the cake board with a little cream cheese frosting. Spread chocolate frosting over sides of cake. Spread cream cheese frosting over top of cake.
2.Melt chocolate. Using picture as a guide, cut and position Flakes for the frame. Place the melted chocolate into a piping bag; snip end to make a small opening. Pipe chocolate onto the corners of the frame to secure the Flakes together. Secure biscuits on each corner of the frame with a little melted chocolate.
3.Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut butterfly shapes from roll-ups. Trim excess to make antennae and wing decorations.
4.Using picture as a guide, secure butterflies to cake with a little melted chocolate; attach licorice in the middle of the wings for bodies, then attach antennae and wing decorations.

EQUIPMENT: 30cm (12-inch) square cake board; paper piping bag. Test kitchen tips: Freeze the remaining cake for another use, or crumble and make cake pops decorated to match your party theme.


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