18 quesadilla recipes for easy lunches

Quick, easy and so cheesy, what's not to love about quesadillas?
quesadillas with guacamole

It’s basically the Mexican version of a toasted sandwich. Toritillas filled with cheese and beans, meat or other tasty ingredients – you could use whatever you like. We’ve put together a few of our favourites.

We have all of your favourite fillings for this Mexican favourite, including healthy chicken, black bean and corn, beef, cheese, vegetarian ideas and more. Enjoy!

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Pumpkin and corn quesadilla with fresh tomato salsa

Fresh, wholesome dinners are always the most satisfying! Just like this pumpkin and corn quesadilla dish with fresh tomato salsa – healthy, nourishing and so delicious! Suitable for the 2-Day Fast Diet.

quesadilla fillings


Beef and bean quesadilla stacks

Mexican beef and bean quesadilla stacks with a zesty guacamole

corn and kidney bean quesadillas with tomato salsa


Corn and kidney bean quesadillas with tomato salsa

Corn and kidney bean quesadillas with tomato salsa

Stuff tortillas with cheese and vegetables and grill – kind of like a Mexican toasted sandwich and serve with a fresh tomato salsa.

chicken quesadillas with jalapeño tomato salsa


Chicken quesadillas with jalapeño tomato salsa

Chicken quesadillas (from queso, the Spanish word for cheese) with a spicy jalapeño tomato salsa.

Pumpkin, ricotta and rocket quesadillas


Pumpkin, ricotta and rocket quesadillas

Pumpkin, ricotta and rocket quesadillas

These delicious vegetarian quesadillas are great for lunch or an afternoon snack. The kids (big and small) will enjoy them. And they’re suitable for diabetics, too.

quesadillas with guacamole


Quesadillas with guacamole

Quesadillas with guacamole

Pork and Cheese Quesadillas with Guacamole


Pork and cheese quesadillas with guacamole

Pork and cheese quesadillas with guacamole

Take your taste buds to Mexico for lunch or kick start a social gathering with these spicy pork and cheese tortillas.

breakfast quesadillas


Breakfast quesadillas

This tasty Mexican inspired breakfast quesadilla encases oozy cheese, runny eggs and hearty beans to create a healthy, flavour-packed breakfast or lunch that will fuel you for the day.

beef quesadillas


Beef quesadillas

Both kids and adults alike will love these Tex-Mex beef quesadillas with sour cream and mashed avocado. They are full of the flavours we know and love. We suggest you don’t bother with cutlery, but napkins are essential!

Spanakopita quesadillas


Spanakopita quesadillas

Spanakopita quesadilla

How’s this for fusion? Delicious Greek spinach and feta pie meets the easy, breezy Mexican quesadilla for a low-GI snack you’ll make over and over.

lamb and corn quesadillas


Lamb and corn quesadillas

Lamb and corn quesadillas

For a tasty family meal, serve wedges of these cheesy quesadillas with a big dollop of zesty guacamole.

Pumpkin and chilli quesadillas


Pumpkin and chilli quesadillas

Pumpkin and chilli quesadillas

Treat your family or friends to these savoury tortillas, blending cheese, spice and vegetables.

cheesy ham quesadillas


Cheesy ham quesadillas

Cheesy ham quesadillas

spinach and cheese quesadillas


Spinach and cheese quesadillas

These spinach and cheese quesadillas can be cooked in a heated sandwich press, just make sure you gently wrap the quesadilla in baking paper before pressing, to stop the filling from burning the press.

corn and goat cheese quesadillas


Corn and goat’s cheese quesadillas

Corn and goat’s cheese quesadillas*

Turkey Quesadillas


Turkey quesadillas

Enjoy the best of Mexican cuisine with these delicious quesadillas. Just pop these turkey-filled tortillas in the sandwich presser for a tasty meal that’s never been simpler.


Pressed margherita pizza quesadillas

Pressed margherita pizza quesadillas

Creamy bocconcini, fresh tomato and basil sandwiched between toasted tortillas for a fresh and tasty lunch idea. Pizza flavours in a simple quesadilla

chilli con carne with quesadillas


Chilli con carne with quesadillas

Chilli con carne with quesadillas

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