Quick & Easy

Warm asparagus and egg salad with dressing

Light yet satisfying, this warm asparagus and egg salad is perfect for a special weekend brunch, or a late night supper.
egg &asparagus salad


Lime, garlic and dill dressing


1.Place ingredients for lime, garlic and dill dressing in screw-top jar; shake well.
2.Boil, steam or microwave asparagus until tender; drain. Combine asparagus, nuts, cheese, tomato and dressing in medium bowl. Divide asparagus mixture among serving plates.
3.Half-fill a large shallow frying pan with water; bring to the boil. One at a time, break eggs into cup and slide into pan. When all eggs are in pan, allow water to return to the boil. Cover pan, turn off heat; stand about 4 minutes or until a light film of egg white sets over yolks. One at a time, remove eggs, using slotted spoon, and place on absorbent-paper-lined saucer to blot poaching liquid. Toast bread.
4.Top salad with eggs, serve with toast.

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