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Smoked salmon roulade

Smoked salmon, creamy mascarpone and dill make a fabulous filling for these crepe-wrapped roulade slices.
smoked salmon roulade
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1.Place flour in medium bowl. Make well in centre; gradually whisk in combined eggs, oil and milk. Strain into large jug; stand 30 minutes.
2.Heat oiled 19cm non-stick frying pan; pour about ¼ cup of the batter into pan, tilting pan to coat base. Cook over low heat, loosening around edge with spatula, until browned lightly. Turn; brown other side. Remove from pan; repeat with remaining batter to make a total of five crepes.
3.Combine capers, chopped dill, rind, garlic and mascarpone in medium bowl. Spread one crepe with 2 tablespoons of the mascarpone mixture; top with 100g of the salmon. Roll crepe tightly to enclose filling. Repeat with remaining crepes, mascarpone mixture and salmon. Trim ends; slice each roll into eight pieces. Garnish each piece with dill sprig.

If mascarpone softens while making the roulade, place in the refrigerator until firm. To make it easier to turn the crepes, we used a heavy-based shallow-sided non-stick frying pan.


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