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Tasty beef burgers

Burgers have a bit of a bad image, mainly due to fast-food chains using highly processed ingredients and loads of fat. In fact, burgers are a wholesome and well-rounded meal if made with quality ingredients. Lean beef, salad vegetables, the bread of your choice – it’s all good, healthy stuff. Some people swear by beetroot on a burger, while others love pineapple, bacon and egg or a whole range of salads. However you like them, they’re a delicious family favourite.

AWW Jan 2010




1.In a large bowl, combine the mince, garlic, mustard, sauce, salt, paprika, egg and breadcrumbs. Mix well with your hands, massaging the meat thoroughly. Divide mixture into 10 patties. Flatten the patties with your hands until they are about 2cm thick.
2.Place patties on the oiled flat hotplate of the barbecue on medium-high heat. Flatten patties to approximately 10cm diameter. Cook, turning once, for about 4-5 minutes per side or until just cooked through.
3.Meanwhile, place the red onion on the hotplate with a little oil and cook until soft.
4.Toast the rolls briefly on the barbecue, cut-side down. Place lettuce, tomato, capsicum, beef, cheese and onions between rolls. Serve with sauce or relish.

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