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Chicken kebabs with blood orange

The combination of juicy citrus, spices, herbs and pistachio is irresistible in this easy chicken dish. Delicious served with warm flatbread.
Chicken kebabs with blood orange



1.Finely grate 2 teaspoons rind from oranges.
2.Combine chicken, seasoning and rind in medium bowl; season. Thread chicken onto 8 bamboo skewers.
3.Cook kebabs on heated oiled grill plate (or grill or barbecue) until chicken is cooked.
4.Meanwhile, segment oranges over small bowl; reserve 1 tablespoon juice, chop flesh finely. Combine juice and flesh with remaining ingredients in small bowl, season to taste.
5.Serve kebabs with orange mixture and, if you like, toasted flatbread.

Soak bamboo skewers in cold water for at least an hour before using to prevent them burning during cooking.


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