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Barbecued salmon with salsa criolla

Fire up the barbecue with this fantastic salmon dish served with dollops of punchy South American salsa.

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Salsa criolla


1.To make salsa criolla, combine all ingredients, except coriander, in a medium bowl. Season to taste. Just before serving, add coriander; toss to combine
2.Preheat a covered barbecue with all burners on low and hood closed until temperature reaches 200°C/400°F, or follow manufacturer’s instructions.
3.Combine salt and half the oil in a small bowl; rub mixture on skin side of salmon. Combine parsley, garlic and remaining oil in a small bowl; rub mixture on flesh side of salmon. Season.
4.Barbecue salmon on grills, skin-side down, in covered barbecue. Turn burners off underneath salmon and turn other burners to high. Cook in covered barbecue for 20 minutes or until cooked as desired. (Salmon is best served medium-rare in the thickest part.)
5.Serve salmon with salsa criolla and lemon cheeks..

Whole white fish could be used instead of the salmon, if you like. Cut slits into the thickest part of the fish and rub the oil mixture into the cuts.


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