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Tommy tortoise cakes

The birthday child and friends will be thrilled with these individual tortoise cakes covered in chocolate freckles.
tommy tortoise   cake
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1.Preheat oven to 180°C; grease 12-hole (⅓-cup/80ml) muffin pan. Make cake according to directions on packet, pour ¼ cup mixture into each hole; bake about 20 minutes. Stand cakes in pan 5 minutes; turn onto wire rack to cool.
2.To make butter cream, beat the butter (and any flavouring, if using) in a small narrow bowl with an electric mixer until the butter is as white as possible (this will result in a whiter butter cream which will give you better results if colouring it). Gradually beat in half the sifted icing sugar then the milk, then the remaining icing sugar. Beat until the butter cream is smooth and spreadable. Keep scraping down the side of the bowl during beating.
3.Tint butter cream with green colouring. Turn patty cakes upside down; trim into tortoise shapes. Spread all over with green butter cream.
4.Break freckles coarsely; press over cakes to form shells. Trim jubes; position for heads. Using black decorating gel, mark eyes and mouths on heads. Press jelly beans into sides for legs.

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