Pony perfect

pony perfect
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Butter cream


1.Preheat oven to 180&degC. Grease two 20cm x 30cm lamington pans, line bases with baking paper.
2.Using two packets, make cake according to directions; divide mixture between pans. Bake about 30 minutes; turn onto wire racks to cool.
3.Place cakes side-by-side; using picture as a guide, cut out pony head.
4.To make butter cream, beat butter until white as possible, gradually beat in half the sifted icing sugar then milk, then remaining icing sugar. Beat until smooth.
5.Position cakes on 40cm square prepared board, join with a little butter cream. Tint two-thirds of remaining butter cream brown, spread evenly over cake, except for mane. Use remaining untinted cream for mane.
6.Cut pieces from licorice strap for eye and nostril; cut licorice strap into thin strips for bridle, then, using picture as a guide, position on cake with freckle and lifesaver.

This cake is perfect for the little girl who dreams of having her very own pony.


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