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Monkey business

A fun and yummy cake that's up to no good.
monkey business
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1.Secure cake to the cake board with a little frosting. Cut 2cm (¾-inch) from the base of the muffins; reserve one of the off-cuts. Trim 2cm (¾-inch) lengthways off each muffin. Secure muffins to cake, with a little frosting to form ears. Spread top and sides of cake and muffins with chocolate frosting.
2.Position muffin off-cut on cake for nose. Place vanilla icing in a piping bag; snip a medium opening in one corner. Using picture as a guide, pipe over nose and pipe two large circles on cake to form eyes; smooth frosting. Position orange Smarties and licorice on muffin to form nose and mouth.
3.Top eyes with chocolate coins; secure marshmallow and blue Smarties to coins with a little frosting.
4.Trim wafers, using picture as a guide; position wafers on ears.

Equipment: 30cm (14-inch) round cake board, disposable plastic piping bag or plastic lunch bag. Add licorice eyelashes to make Milly Monkey, if you like; just cut into a piece of licorice strap to make the lashes.


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