Ice-cream cone cake

ice-cream cone cake



1.Level top of cakes to remove icing. Secure one cake to the cake board with a little frosting. Spread top of cake with cup of frosting, top with remaining cake. Spread top and side of cake with remaining frosting.
2.Reserve 3 cones. Using a sharp serrated knife, cut remaining ice-cream cones in half lengthways.
3.Remove cupcakes from paper cases. Reserve 3 cakes; cut remaining cakes in half lengthways.
4.Position a halved cupcake in each cone half. Using picture as a guide, secure cones halves around cake. Place reserved cakes in reserved cones; position on top of cake. Secure ribbon around cake, tying in a bow.

You could fill the cones with scoops of ice-cream instead of the cupcakes just before serving. Tint the frosting a colour to match your party theme.


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