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Glam bag birthday cakes

gla bags
6 Item
1H 10M


Red bag
Butter cream


1.Preheat oven to 170°C (150°C fan-forced). Grease six holes of the mini loaf pan.
2.Make cake according to directions on packet. Drop ⅓ cup of the mixture into greased pan holes; bake about 25 minutes. Stand cakes in pan 5 minutes; turn, top-side up, onto wire rack to cool.
3.Next make butter cream. Beat butter until white as possible, gradually beat in half the sifted icing sugar then milk, then remaining icing sugar. Beat until smooth.
4.Divide butter cream equally into six small bowls; tint each with one of the suggested colours: red, pink, purple, orange, blue and white.
5.Level cake tops; turn cut-side down. Cut sides of cakes on an angle, leaving a 2cm width at the top of the cakes.
6.Spread tops and sides of each cake with one of the coloured butter creams.
7.Purple bag: cut one sour strap into thin strips. Outline shape and flap of bag with strips. Position BoPeep for clasp; use hearts to decorate front of bag. Cut remaining sour strap into three equal lengths; plait together. Push two toothpick tips into each end of the handle; push into position on bag.
8.Blue bag: use bootlace strips to outline bag shape. Mark diamond pattern on bag; decorate with cachous. Position BoPeep with a little butter cream for clasp.
9.White bag: cut one licorice strap in half lengthways; reserve half for handle. Cut remaining strap into long thin strips. Outline bag shape and flap with licorice strips. Position BoPeep for clasp. Push two toothpick tips into each end of reserved licorice strap; push into position on bag for handle.
10.Red bag Trim one licorice strap half into 2cm and 12cm lengths. Cut remaining licorice into long thin strips. Cut a small hole from centre of the 2cm piece for clasp. Position clasp; decorate with cachous. Push two toothpick tips into each end of 12cm strap; position for handle.
11.Orange bag: outline shape of bag with sour strap. Position BoPeep for clasp with a little butter cream, and remaining BoPeeps along front of bag.
12.Pink bag: using picture as a guide, outline shape of bag with strips of red sour strap. Position BoPeep with a little butter cream for clasp. Decorate bag with cachous and flower.
13.Use a palette knife to position the bags on a prepared cake board.

You will need 12 strong wooden toothpicks, tips broken off into 1.5cm lengths.


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