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Cityscape at night

cityscape at night
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1.Secure cake to 25cm (10-inch) square cake board with a little frosting.
2.Tint frosting dark blue with blue food colouring. Reserve 1 tablespoon of frosting; spread remaining over top and sides of cake.
3.Using picture as a guide, place licorice on cake to represent the road. Cut the biscuits into different lengths and widths to represent buildings; position on the cake above the road.
4.Spoon reserved frosting into small piping bag fitted with a small plain tube. Pipe a few dots of frosting in some of the `windows’ of the buildings and secure M&M’s to biscuits for `lights’.
5.Place pearls above the buildings for stars. Decorate with cars (see tip).

We used car patches available from craft and sewing stores. You could use small diecast cars from toy shops. Be aware of choking hazards if using small plastic cars. If you want a daytime scene, colour the icing light blue and use a yellow jube as the sun and the sugar pearls to represent sun rays. If using butter cream instead of the vanilla frosting, you need one quantity of butter cream.


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