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Balloon with a view cake

balloon with a view
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1.Secure one cake to the cake board with a little frosting. Spread cake top with a little frosting; top with remaining cake. Using a small serrated knife; trim top edge of cake to create a dome shape. Spread frosting all over top and sides of cake.
2.Using picture as a guide, position marshmallows in coloured lines over cake.
3.Melt chocolate (in double saucepan over gently simmering water or about 30 seconds in microwave); cool slightly. Cut waffle basket in half crossways with a bread knife. Secure basket on its side, with a little melted chocolate, onto the cake board.
4.Attach sour strap to basket with a little melted chocolate, push other end of strap into balloon.

Equipment: 30cm x 40cm rectangular cake board You can also use raspberry and vanilla marshmallows, halved crossways, or a variety of chocolate buttons to decorate the balloon. If using butter cream instead of the strawberry frosting, you will need one quantity of butter cream which ­ you can tint pink or leave plain.


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