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22 fabulous fish pie recipes

Warm up your insides with one of these crowd pleasers.
fish pie
Creamy fish and prawn pie (recipe below).

Fish pie is the kind of comfort food we crave when the weather cools. It can also be a budget-friendly way to feed the family a Good Friday seafood feast, depending on your choice of fish.

You’ll find a fish pie recipe to suit all tastes in this collection, from family-sized to individual pot pies, some topped with pastry and others with mash, and recipes using either a creamy or tomato base.

Simply serve with some steamed vegetables or a salad.

Looking for more fish recipes? Or our recipe for perfect mashed potato to top one of the pies?

Dinner ideas
November 30, 2010

Creamy prawn & fish pie

We used flathead for the firm white fish fillets. Pie can be made to the end of step 4 up to 6 hours ahead. Note
By Women's Weekly Food
fish pie
Quick & Easy
June 30, 2011

Fish pie

On the days where only comfort food will satisfy the hungry masses, this delicious fish pie topped with the creamiest of mashed potato and baked to brown, crisp perfection will fit the bill like no other.
By Women's Weekly Food
Creamy Fish Pie
June 27, 2013

Creamy fish pie

Ling, blue-eye, or Mahi Mahi would work equally well in this creamy fish pie topped with silky smooth mash by recipes+. If you like, you could serve it in individual ramekins.
By Women's Weekly Food
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