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27 chicken curry recipes

Looking for curry recipes? Here's a collection of chicken curry recipes spanning a range of cuisines.
butter chicken curry and rice on a plate

With a mild flavour that won’t overpower fragrant spices, chicken is the ideal meat for an enjoyable curry dish. Here we’ve gathered a whole collection of chicken curry recipes from around the world.

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Just a fan of butter chicken? Here’s a collection of our recipes.

Julie Goodwin’s chicken korma
May 21, 2015

Julie Goodwin’s chicken korma

Warm, hearty and wonderfully fragrant, this beautiful chicken korma recipe by Julie Goodwin is slow cooked for three hours to create intense Indian flavours and tender, moist meat that melts in your mouth.
By Julie Goodwin
Indonesian chicken curry
Quick & Easy
November 30, 2010

Indonesian chicken curry

This coconut chicken curry is the ideal choice for people who don’t like fiery curries. Note
By Women's Weekly Food

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