Delicious cornflake biscuits and slices

Cornflakes can be so much more than just a tasty breakfast cereal.
Cornflake biscuits

Why save cornflakes just for breakfast when there are so many great biscuits and slice recipes you can make.

All of our best sweet cornflake recipes in one handy spot. From traditional cornflake biscuits to a choc-caramel slice with a crunch and a delicious nutty cornflake slice.

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Cornflake biscuits in a jar

These crunchy, golden biscuits will put a smile on your kids’ faces.

chocolate caramel cornflake slice


Choc-caramel cornflake slice

Choc-caramel cornflake slice

Combining chocolate, caramel and cornflakes for a creative spin on the classic, this delicious slice makes the perfect addition to school lunchboxes and goes wonderfully with a morning cuppa.

Honey joys


Honey joys

Honey joys

Sweet honey meets crunchy cornflakes in this classic afternoon treat.


choc ganache

Chocolate cornflake biscuits with mocha ganache

A very grown-up spin on a classic cornflake biscuit.

chocky nut and cornflake slice


Chocky nut and cornflake slice

Chocky nut and cornflake slice

crunchy honey cornflake squares


Crunchy honey cornflake squares

Crunchy honey cornflake squares

Cornflake honey slice


Cornflake honey slice

Don’t limit cornflakes to breakfast time. These crunchy honey slices, packed with cornflakes and oats, make for a great snack at any time of the day.

caramel cornflake chews


Caramel cornflake chews

Caramel cornflake chews

white-choc peanut cornflake cookies


White chocolate peanut cornflake cookies

These white chocolate cornflake cookies with peanuts are crunchy and delicious. If you have any allergies, just leave the peanuts out.

chocolate cornflake slice


Chocolate cornflake slice

Lunchbox surprise, kids’ party food, or a sweet treat to have with your morning coffee, the chocolate cornflake slice is surprisingly versatile and child’s play to make.

nutty cornflake slice


Nutty cornflake slice

Nutty cornflake slice

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