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Spectacular stir-fry recipes

Wok on.

Easy to whip up in minutes, and able to be adapted to suit any taste bud, a stir-fry is one of the best dinner options for a mid-week meal. Simply toss all your ingredients into your wok or frying pan, and add whatever herbs, spices and sauces you like. It's a great way to get pack a lot of protein and vegies into your diet. There's options here for meat-lovers and vegetarians alike. Turn on the wok and get cooking.
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    Hoisin beef stir-fry

    If you marinate the meat overnight, this dish can be on the dinner table even faster. All you need do is slice the vegies before cooking.

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    Thai spicy lamb and noodle stir-fry

    Work your wok through this delicious stir-fry! With tender lamb backstrap, spicy red chillis and crunchy peanuts, this dish is the ultimate combination of Thai flavours and is perfect for a family lunch.

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    Thai basil chicken stir-fry

    The food of Thailand takes first prize in the popularity stakes these days and no wonder: quick and easy to prepare, delicious recipes such as this are every cook's dream

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    Beef and ginger stir-fry

    Quick, easy and tasty, this beef and ginger stir fry can be served on a bed of Asian greens for a truly satisfying meal.

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    Vietnamese pork stir-fry

    This quick stir-fry is all about the heat and the crunch. Accompanied with steamed rice, this recipe is an ideal mid-week dinner plan.

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    Beef and black bean stir-fry

    A classic Chinese dish, beef and black bean stir-fry makes a great mid-week dinner. Add cooked noodles at the end if you want something more substantial.

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    Stir-fried baby clams with black beans

    Tossed with black beans and hot and fragrant spices, these fresh clams really shine as a meal starter or side with asian-inspired honey, soy and oyster sauce.

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    Perfect pad thai

    This quintessential Thai dish is a modern Aussie favourite. The wonderful combination of noodles, prawns and the distinctive sweet, salty and tangy sauce can easily be done at home.

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    Tofu and sugar snap pea stir-fry

    Enjoy this healthy, flavoursome and nourishing tofu and sugar snap pea stirfry for dinner with the family tonight!

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