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Sizzling steak

Sizzling Steak



1.Flatten each piece of beef with meat mallet, put into a bowl. Combine water and bicarbonate of soda, pour over steak, leave to stand one hour. Drain well.
2.Heat one tablespoon oil in pan or wok, add steak, toss one to two minutes over very high heat to evaporate water; drain. Pour off oil from pan. Heat 2 tbsp oil in pan, return steak to pan and cook until well browned over high heat. Remove from pan.
3.Put cast iron steak plate in very hot oven for approximately 10 minutes or until plate is very hot. Heat remaining oil in pan, add onions, saute quickly until golden brown and still crisp. Remove from pan, keep warm.
4.Return steak to pan, toss one minute. Add combined worcestershire and tomato sauces, and sugar. Stir until sauce boils. Reduce heat, simmer two minutes. Remove steak plate from oven with handle, place on wooden base. Arrange onions on steak plate. Spoon meat and sauce over onions. Pour wine over the steak plate immediately.

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