Quick & Easy

Raspberry mint syrup

Homemade syrups and cordials are a great addition to your fridge or pantry, they can be used to make refreshing drinks, served neat over ice-cream or as the base for other fruit-based sauces.
Photography by John-Paul Urizar. Styling by Kristen Wilson

Photography by John-Paul Urizar. Styling by Kristen Wilson




1.Blend or process the thawed raspberries until smooth.
2.Combine sugar and water in a medium saucepan; stir over a low heat until sugar dissolves, brushing down sides of pan with clean pastry brush dipped in a little extra water. Add rind and mint sprigs and bring to boil. Boil, uncovered and without stirring, for 3 minutes. Transfer hot syrup to a large, clean heatproof jug; cool for 10 minutes.
3.Add juice and raspberry puree to syrup; stir until combined. Strain mixture through muslin-lined sieve into large jug; discard solids. Pour syrup again through a fine sieve into hot, sterilised glass bottles; discard solids. Seal and cool to room temperature.
4.To serve, combine 1/4 cup (60ml) of the raspberry syrup with 250ml cold still or sparkling water. Add fresh mint and frozen or fresh raspberries or mixed berries, if desired.

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