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Burghul-stuffed vine leaves with yoghurt dip

These stuffed vine leaves are rich in flavour with almonds, raisins, herbs and burghul wheat all bound together and served with a refreshing yoghurt dip.
burghul-stuffed vine leaves with yogurt dip
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Yoghurt dip


1.Combine burghul and the boiling water in medium heatproof bowl. Cover; stand 5 minutes. Stir in oil, onion, nuts, raisins, herbs, cinnamon, rind and juice.
2.Line base of large bamboo steamer with about 10 vine leaves.
3.Place one of the remaining leaves, vein-side up, on board; place 1 tablespoon of the burghul mixture in centre of leaf. Fold in two opposing sides; roll to enclose filling. Repeat with remaining leaves and burghul mixture.
4.Place rolls, in single layer, on leaves in steamer. Steam, covered, over wok of simmering water about 15 minutes or until rolls are heated through.
5.Meanwhile, combine ingredients for yoghurt dip in small bowl.
6.Serve rolls with yogurt dip

It goes without saying that if you have a grapevine in your yard and the season is right, most certainly use its fresh leaves. Clean under cold water before plunging them, one or two at a time, briefly into boiling water, to make them pliable enough to roll. Packaged grapevine leaves in brine can be found in most Middle Eastern food stores.


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