Healthy breakfast bowl with dukkah eggs and quinoa

Tuck into a breakfast of boiled eggs rolled in crunchy, flavourful dukkah, nestled in a bed of healthy greens and protein-rich quinoa, and drizzled with a mouthwatering tahini dressing.
Breakfast bowl with asparagus, spinach, quinoa, and dukkah eggs.


Tahini dressing


Breakfast bowl

1.Place quinoa and the water in a saucepan; bring to the boil. Reduce heat to low; simmer, covered, for 12 minutes or until water is absorbed and quinoa is tender. Remove from heat; stand, covered for 5 minutes.
2.Meanwhile, cook eggs in a saucepan of boiling salted water for 6 minutes for soft-boiled or until cooked to your liking. Remove with a slotted spoon; cool under running water. Return water to the boil. Cook asparagus for 3 minutes; drain. Cut asparagus in half diagonally.
3.Meanwhile, make tahini dressing.
4.Peel eggs, place in a bowl; drizzle with oil. Place dukkah in a small bowl; roll eggs in dukkah to coat.
5.Serve quinoa with asparagus, spinach, avocado and eggs; drizzle with tahini dressing and season to taste.

Tahini dressing

6.Whisk all the ingredients in a small bowl until combined and emulsified; season to taste.

Dukkah is available in different forms from supermarkets and delis; any variety is suitable for this recipe. Alternatively, you can roll the eggs in toasted sesame seeds mixed with a little ground cumin.


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