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Salt, lemon and rosemary-cured beef

Make your own rosemary and lemon cured beef to sit atop crisp sourdough toasts with sour cream - perfect for a canape or starter at your next dinner party.
salt, lemon and rosemary-cured beef


Lemon and rosemary salt cure
Beef and bread bases


1.Make lemon and rosemary salt cure. Using mortar and pestle, pound ¼ cup of the salt, ¼ cup of the sugar, and the rosemary, rind and pepper to a fine powder. Transfer to medium bowl, stir in vermouth and remaining salt and sugar.
2.Place two sheets of plastic wrap, long enough to enclose beef, overlapping by half on bench; spread with half the salt cure. Place beef on top, cover beef with remaining salt cure; wrap beef tightly in plastic, place on large deep tray.
3.Top with smaller tray or board; weigh down with bricks or food cans. Refrigerate 12 hours. Remove weights, turn beef over; replace tray and weights, refrigerate a further 12 hours.
4.Preheat grill. Place bread slices on oven trays; brush with oil, toast each side lightly.
5.Unwrap beef, wipe salt cure away; thinly slice beef. Spread sour cream over toast, top with beef, sprinkle with cress.

You need the freshest, best quality beef for this recipe. Use a vegetable peeler to remove strips of rind from the lemon before chopping.


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