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Lamb and harissa yogurt wraps

Spicy sliced lamb with radish, tomato, tabbouleh in a harissa yogurt wrap.
lamb and harissa yogurt wraps



1.Sprinkle lamb all over with the seasoning. Heat half the oil in a medium frying pan over medium heat; cook lamb about 3 minutes each side or until cooked as desired. Cover; stand 10 minutes, then slice thinly.
2.Place wraps in a dry medium frying pan; warm wraps over medium heat about 1 minute each side or until heated through.
3.Combine tabbouleh, juice and the remaining oil in a medium bowl; season to taste.
4.Combine yogurt and harissa in a small bowl.
5.Serve lamb with warm wraps, onion, radish, tabbouleh, tomato, harissa yogurt and coriander.

Lamb fillets or minced (ground) lamb could be used in this recipe. All types of bread wraps are suitable for this recipe. We used mild harissa in this recipe. If using the traditional hot harissa in a tube, start with 2 teaspoons and increase the amount according to your heat tolerance.


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