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Barbecued salmon with yoghurt dressing

Fresh, light and tasty, barbecued salmon fillet with yoghurt dressing and fennel salad makes a wonderful lunch for weekend entertaining.
barbecued salmon with yogurt dressing


Fennel salad
Barbecued salmon
Yoghurt dressing


1.To make fennel salad; combine fennel, oil, rind and juice. Cook on heated barbecue (or grill or grill plate), turning, until fennel is tender, cool 5 minutes. Combine remaining ingredients in large bowl; stir in fennel mixture. Season to taste.
2.Place lemon slices in deep disposable aluminium barbecue dish or shallow baking dish; top with salmon. Combine rind, parsley and wine; pour over salmon, cover with foil. Cook, in covered barbecue, using indirect heat, following manufacturer’s instructions, for about 20 minutes or until cooked to your liking. Remove salmon from barbecue, cover with foil; stand 10 minutes before serving.
3.To make yoghurt dressing; whisk ingredients in small bowl; season to taste.
4.Serve salmon with salad and dressing.

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