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Barbecued fish with vegetable parcels

Cooking the dish in this way gives you a tender and moist fish, beautifully infused with the rosemary and lemon. Plus, you won't even need to clean the barbecue!
1H 15M


Lemon herb butter


1.To make lemon herb butter; combine ingredients in small bowl. Place on piece of plastic wrap; shape into 6cm (2¼ inch) log, wrap tightly. Freeze until firm; cut into eight slices.
2.Score fish both sides through thickest part of flesh. Push garlic and rosemary into cuts; fill cavity with a third of the lemon slices.
3.Place a long piece of baking paper on bench; place half the remaining lemon slices on paper. Place fish on lemon; top with remaining lemon then butter. Fold paper over fish to completely enclose, then wrap tightly in foil.
4.Cook fish on heated oiled barbecue (or grill or grill plate) 20 minutes; turn, cook about 20 minutes.
5.Meanwhile, cut zucchini in half crossways; cut each half lengthways into six pieces. Combine zucchini with remaining ingredients in large bowl. Place eight 30cm (12 inch) foil squares on bench; divide vegetable mixture among foil squares. Gather corners of squares together; fold to enclose vegetables securely.
6.Cook parcels on heated barbecue flat plate until vegetables are tender.
7.Open vegetable parcels; top with slices of lemon herb butter. Serve with fish.

We used snapper in this recipe, but a fish like salmon would work well, though it may need slightly less cooking time.


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