Quick & Easy

Caramelised oranges with ice-cream

Not only are they incredibly quick and easy to put together, but caramelised oranges with ice-cream are sweet, sharp and boozy.
caramelised oranges with ice-cream



1.Preheat grill (broiler).
2.Peel oranges, removing as much white pith as possible; cut crossways into thick slices.
3.Place orange, in a single layer, on an oven tray. Sprinkle with sugar; drizzle with liqueur. Cook orange slices, both sides, under grill until just caramelised.
4.Divide ice-cream and orange slices among four serving dishes; drizzle with pan juices.

We used Grand Marnier, however, Cointreau or Triple Sec can be substituted, or use your favourite citrus flavoured liqueur. Navel oranges are ideal for this recipe because they have very few seeds.


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