Quick & Easy

Lobster with fennel salad

Gather up the family and enjoy this fresh lobster with fennel salad - the perfect seafood dish for the festive season (or any time).


Green olive and currant salsa


1.Make green olive and currant salsa: Finely grate rind from one lemon. Peel rind thickly from all lemons to remove white pith. Segment lemons over medium bowl to catch juice. Chop lemon flesh finely; add to bowl with grated rind and remaining ingredients. Stand 20 minutes. Season to taste.
2.Reserve fronds from fennel. Slice fennel thinly with V-slicer or mandolin. Combine fennel and endive in a medium bowl, sprinkle with half the salsa.
3.Divide lobsters and salad among plates. Drizzle with remaining salsa; sprinkle with reserved fronds.

Christmas is one of those special occasions when you can spoil your family with the luxury of lobster. Purchased cooked lobster (from your fishmonger) coupled with a simple dressed salad of fennel and endive, makes this dish very easy and quick to make.


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