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Balmain bug rolls

Balmain bug rolls

Fresh seafood with creamy aioli in a crunchy baguette - it diesn't get much better.
Kitchen tips: How to open lobster and crab

Kitchen tips: How to open lobster and crab

Lobster and crab are like the canned foods of the seafood world – they're only edible if you can figure out how to get them open! We've rounded up some expert advice so you'll be cracking open those shells like a pro in no time.
Lobster with fennel salad

Lobster with fennel salad

Gather up the family and enjoy this fresh lobster with fennel salad - the perfect seafood dish for the festive season (or any time).

Lobster with champagne sauce

If you're looking to splash out and spoil that special someone, what better way than to prepare this delicious lobster with champagne sauce? The sprinkle of chopped dill adds the perfect finish to this luxurious dish.
coconut lobster with herbed salad

Coconut lobster with herbed noodle salad

If you're not a fan of coriander, try thai basil; it has a strong basil flavour and is an almost indispensible ingredient in Thai cooking. It is also said to bring good fortune.

Lobster, herb and tomato on witlof

The same weight of prawns can be used instead of lobster. You will need about six witlof for this recipe. Note