Waffle castle cake

Brave knights defend the realm! This waffle cone castle cake is perfect for any birthday knights, and kingdom themed birthday parties.
Waffle castle cake




1.Trim cakes to sit flat. Spread top of one cake with a little frosting; secure other cake on top. Secure to cake board, cut-side down, with a little frosting. Reserve 1 tablespoon of the frosting. Spread remaining frosting all over cake.
2.Cut turret shapes from one short side of four waffles. Secure turret waffles to front and back corners of cake; lay two waffles long-side down in centre at front and back of cake; secure four waffles short-side up, on sides of cake. You will have two waffles left over.
3.Place remaining waffles flat on top of cake in centre; place four wafers on top. Place one wafer in front of pile, as pictured. Place wafer cone on top of one flat-based cone; position on top of wafer pile.
4.Cut rainbow sour strap into flag shapes; thread onto skewers. Place fruit rings on top of remaining flat-based cones; push a skewer through centre of each cone, as pictured. Position cones in corners of castle.
5.Cut red sour straps into window and door shapes. Secure to cake with a little frosting.
6.Cut remaining wafer into a door shape; secure at base of door as a drawbridge.

We used white chocolate rocks to decorate the front of the moat.


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