31 brilliant baked cheesecakes

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Baked cheesecakes

Need an impressive dessert to finish your meal? You can’t go wrong with a classic cheesecake! Here, we’ve gathered our most decadent baked varieties for your inspiration. There’s everything from a timeless New York baked to a simple lemon curd. If you love to indulge, we’ve also included a delectable triple chocolate cheesecake and a summery mango macadamia delight. While these take some time to prepare and chill after baking, we can assure you – they are well worth the wait!

No oven or just prefer a chilled cheesecake? Try one of our no-bake cheesecakes instead.

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Summer Lemon Cheesecake with Sticky Rhubarb Topping


Summer lemon cheesecake with sticky rhubarb topping

Summer lemon cheesecake with sticky rhubarb topping

Start the day before you’d like to eat it. There’s refrigeration time required in order to produce this wonderfully sweet, creamy and zesty dessert.

Lemon and blueberry cheesecake


Lemon and blueberry cheesecake

Lemon and blueberry cheesecake

Bringing together sweet blueberries and sour lemons, this simple cheesecake from Anneka Manning’s cookbook ‘BakeClass’ is light but luscious. It’s the perfect end to a lazy summer meal.

fruit cake 'n' eggnog cheesecake


Fruit cake and eggnog cheesecake

Fruit cake and eggnog cheesecake

With a fruitcake base, creamy cheesecake filling and fruit topping drizzled with toffee, this Christmas dessert is a wonderfully decadent treat.

blueberry passionfruit cheesecake squares


Blueberry passionfruit cheesecake squares

Blueberry passionfruit cheesecake squares

Bursing with blueberries and topped with tart passionfruit, this fruity cheesecake slice is the ideal flavour combo for a delightful morning tea treat

Flourless chocolate cake


Gluten-free New York cheesecake

Gluten-free New York cheesecake

New York cheesecake is known for its creamy, satiny texture. It’s rich, dense and tall with a flat top – and this one is gluten-free for everyone to enjoy.


Gluen-free raspberry swirled cheesecake

Gluten-free raspberry swirled cheesecake

Using gluten-free ginger nuts for the base, this decadent raspberry-swirled cheesecake is set to be oyur new crowd favourite.

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake


White chocolate raspberry cheesecake

White chocolate raspberry cheesecake

The classic combination of raspberry and white chocolate works perfectly in this baked cheesecake.

Baked cheesecakes


Raspberry ricotta cheesecake with lemon syrup

Raspberry ricotta cheesecake with lemon syrup

Bursts of fresh raspberry cut through the creamy ricotta cheesecake with a golden Anzac biscuit base and a bright lemon drizzle adds extra tang.


Nutella cheesecake

Nutella cheesecake

This creamy cheesecake gets its flavour from the popular chocolate hazelnut spread. Decorated with edible glitter and a Grand Ferrero it makes an impressive Christmas centrepiece.

Caramel Cheesecake


Caramel cheesecake

Caramel cheesecake

There are many versions of this hugely popular dish, all equally tempting and delicious. But we think that there is something especially decadent about this cheesecake.

Banana cheesecake


Banana cheesecake

Banana cheesecake

Cheesecake Brownies


Cheesecake brownies

Cheesecake brownies

Pairing two of our favourite desserts, rich and creamy cheesecake and decadent chocolate brownies, this dessert recipe is sure to please any sweet tooth. Make a batch to share with your loved ones this weekend.

ricotta cheesecake


Baked Italian ricotta cheesecake

This Italian-style baked cheesecake uses ricotta for extra creaminess. The addition of mixed glace fruits brings another layer of sweetness you’ll go mad over.

Baked ricotta cheesecake


Baked ricotta cheesecake

Rich, smooth and creamy, sink your spoon into a thick slice of this decadent baked ricotta cheesecake. Topped with sweet, juicy blueberries, it is a beautiful dessert all your guests will enjoy.

mixed berry baked cheesecake


Mixed berry baked cheesecake

Mixed berry baked cheesecake

The tartness of the mixed berries cuts through the sweetness of the cheesecake beautifully in this recipe. With its chocolate base and brightly coloured topping, the dish also makes a visually stunning dessert.

baked strawberry cheesecake


Baked strawberry cheesecake

Baked strawberry cheesecake

You can’t go wrong with a classic cheesecake and our delicious strawberry baked recipe is the perfect pick. Serve it topped with cream and fresh strawberries for a stunning centrepiece.

Baked lemon cheesecake


Baked lemon cheesecake

Baked lemon cheesecake

This is one of the most loved desserts around the world. Gingernuts are a lovely alternative for the base, and fresh passionfruit pulp or raspberries are delicious served on top.

Baked lemon cheesecake


Baked lemon cheesecake

Sweet, creamy and zesty, this divine baked lemon cheesecake is perfect served topped with mixed berries and fresh cream for a tasty dessert that will win over the fussiest of diners.


Lemon curd cheesecake

With a sweet and tangy topping, it’s no surprise that our lemon curd cheesecake has always been a family favourite.


Raspberry and strawberry ricotta cheesecake

Layered with fresh berries and filled with a super-smooth filling, why not indulge in a slice of our raspberry and strawberry ricotta cheesecake?


Cherry ripe chocolate cheesecake

If you’re a fan of the rich sweet flavours of the bar then you’re not going to be able to stop at one slice of our cherry ripe cheesecake.


White chocoalte and raspberry cheesecake

With sweet white chocolate and fresh tart raspberries, our white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake will show you why this is a match made in heaven.


Baked cherry cheesecake

Did you know that baking cherries brings out their natural sweetness? Making them perfect for swirling through our baked cherry cheesecake.


baked caramel cheesecake

If you have an insatiable sweet-tooth then you’re going to die for our baked caramel cheesecake.


Vanilla spiced cheesecake

If you’re a fan of those vanilla flavours but are on the hunt for something with a little more depth then this vanilla spiced cheesecake is for you.


New york

Do you think that we could create this collection without mentioning our infamous New York baked cheesecake?


Bistro cheesecake

With hints of tangy lemon and mixed spices, this bistro cheesecake shows that you don’t need a complex recipe for amazing flavours.

easy lemon cheesecake recipes


Baked lemon cheesecake

Baked lemon cheesecake


Baked sour cream cheesecake

With fresh blueberries and a sweet-tangy filling, this baked sour cream cheesecake is for those looking for a deliciously dense slice.


Caramel cheesecake slice

Looking for something sweet but don’t trust yourself not to devour a whole cheesecake? Well, this caramel cheesecake slice my be your solution.

baked cheesecake


Baked cheesecake

If you’ve never tried it or are looking for a classic baked cheese recipe then this the place to start!

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