Trifle torta

Trifle and cake make a perfect combo.
trifle torta

This delicious trifle torte recipe calls for the sponge to be made from scratch, however to save time it is also fine to use store-bought or to prepare the sponge in advance.

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Custard filling


1.Have eggs at room temperature.
2.Preheat oven to 180°C/350°F. Grease deep 22cm (9-inch) round cake pan; sprinkle with flour, shake out excess.
3.Beat eggs and sugar in small bowl with electric mixer about 5 minutes or until sugar dissolves. Transfer mixture to large bowl. Fold triple-sifted cornflour, custard powder, cream of tartar and soda into egg mixture. Pour mixture into pan; bake about 25 minutes. Turn sponge immediately onto baking-paper-covered wire rack to cool.
4.Meanwhile, combine jelly and the boiling water in medium heatproof jug; stir until dissolved. Stir in the cold water. Rinse two deep 20cm (8-inch) round cake pans with cold water (do not wipe dry); divide jelly evenly between pans. Refrigerate until jelly is almost set.
5.Split cold sponge into 3 layers. Sprinkle each cut side with sherry. Place bottom and middle sponge layer, cut-side down, on top of jelly in pans, pressing down firmly. Refrigerate 1 hour or until set. Cover remaining sponge layer with plastic wrap.
6.Make custard filling. Combine cornflour, custard powder and sugar in medium saucepan. Gradually stir in cream and milk; stir over medium heat until mixture boils and thickens. Remove from heat; stir in sherry, butter and egg yolk. Place custard in medium bowl; cover surface with plastic wrap, cool.
7.Beat cream in small bowl with electric mixer until soft peaks form; fold ½ cup cream through custard filling. Refrigerate the remaining cream.
8.Line a dinner plate with a 45cm (18-inch) piece of plastic wrap; top with a second piece of plastic wrap in the other direction (you will have a cross). Working quickly, dip the cake pan with the bottom sponge layer in sink filled with hot water about 1 second or until jelly loosens from side of pan. Place plate on top of pan, quickly invert sponge and jelly onto plate. Clean and dry cake pan; carefully lift the plastic and cake into pan. Spread jelly with half the custard filling.
9.Dip remaining cake pan in sink filled with hot water about 1 second; holding plastic wrap out of the way, invert cake and jelly on top of the custard in other cake pan. Spread jelly with remaining custard filling.
10.Place remaining sponge, cut-side down, on top of custard layer. Enclose with plastic wrap; refrigerate 3 hours or overnight.
11.Unwrap plastic wrap; place cake stand or serving plate on top of cake pan. Carefully invert torta onto plate; remove plastic wrap. Spread remaining whipped cream all over torta; serve topped with berries.

It is fine to use two 300ml (or one 600ml) cartons of thickened cream for this recipe, so as not to waste the remaining 20ml. It is also fine to use just the one 300ml carton of pouring cream for the custard filling. Use any flavoured jelly and fruit you like.


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