Rainbow fish

rainbow fish
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1.Secure one cake to 20 x 30cm (8-inch x12-inch) rectangular cake board with a little frosting. Using picture as a guide, cut tail and fin shapes from the second cake; secure to the cake with a little frosting.
2.Tint frosting blue; spread over the top and sides of cake.
3.Using oiled scissors, cut the jubes in half crossways; using the picture as a guide, decorate fish with jubes as scales.
4.Trim the sour straps and use to make a tail fin. Position one marshmallow half, black jube and tic tac on the cake for an eye; secure with a little frosting. Position jelly beans for mouth.

You can use jelly beans or rainbow straps to decorate the fish. If using butter cream instead of the vanilla frosting, you will need one quantity of butter cream.


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