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Neck chop and lentil stew with kumara and carrot mash

Rich and tender neck chop and lentil stew with a bright and fluffy kumara and carrot mash.
Neck chop and lentil stew with kumara and carrot mash
2H 5M



1.Cook lentils in large saucepan of boiling water, uncovered, 15 minutes or until tender; drain.
2.Preheat oven to 180ºC/160ºC fan-forced.
3.Meanwhile, heat oil in large flameproof casserole dish; cook chops, in batches, until browned.
4.Cook onion, garlic and bacon in same pan, stirring, until onion is just browned and bacon is crisp. Add spices; cook, stirring, until fragrant. Add wine, paste, stock and undrained tomatoes; bring to the boil. Return chops to dish, stir in lentils; cook, covered, in oven 1 hour 10 minutes.
5.Meanwhile, make kumara and carrot mash. Boil, steam or microwave kumara and carrot, separately, until tender; drain. Dry-fry cumin in small frying pan until fragrant. Mash vegetables in large bowl with cumin and buttermilk until smooth
6.Stir coriander into stew just before serving with mash.

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