Marbled ice-cream heart cake

marbled ice-cream heart cake



1.Take ice-cream out of freezer. Stand about 10 minutes or until just soft enough to remove from container. Using a large metal spoon, spoon ice-cream into 25cm heart-shaped cake pan (it should be big enough to hold 11 cups of liquid).
2.Cover top of ice-cream with plastic wrap. Press down on plastic until ice-cream squashes into pan and top is flat. Freeze ice-cream overnight.
3.Next day, using a tea towel (the pan will be very cold), take ice-cream out of freezer. Remove plastic wrap then run a knife around inside edge of pan. Put about 3cm of warm water in the sink and hold the pan in the water 5 seconds. Invert ice-cream cake onto serving plate, cover ice-cream loosely with plastic wrap and return to the freezer 30 minutes.
4.In a small bowl, beat cream, icing sugar and a few drops of food colouring with an electric mixer until thick.
5.Take ice-cream heart out of freezer and remove plastic wrap. Quickly spread top and side of heart with pink cream. Sprinkle with buttons (if the ice-cream begins to melt at any time while you are decorating, put it back in the freezer to set). Return the heart to the freezer until you are ready to serve it.

Cake can be decorated a day ahead; keep frozen until ready to serve.


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