Goat cheese and garlic bruschetta

Bruschetta is one of those classic dishes that's welcome at just about any meal, from a late breakfast to a late night snack. This garlicky goat's cheese version is a creamy, tasty winner.
Goat's cheese and garlic bruschetta
16 Piece



1.Cut bread into 16 x 1cm-thick slices. In a small bowl, combine garlic with olive oil. Brush one side of the bread with the oil, then grill bread until browned lightly on both sides.
2.Using a hot, wet knife, slice cheese thinly and divide evenly among the toasted bread. (If cheese is too soft to slice, spread it on the toast instead.)
3.Top bruschetta with onion, extra olive oil, black pepper and rocket leaves.

This recipe is best made close to serving. Fetta, brie or bocconcini can be used instead of goat cheese, if preferred.


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