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Date scones

These light, fluffy scones with the added sweetness of dates are perfect for a morning or afternoon snack.
Date scones
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1.Preheat oven to 240°C (220°C fan-forced). Grease 20cm-round sandwich pan or oven tray.
2.Sift flour and sugar into medium bowl; rub in butter with fingertips. Stir in dates.
3.Make well in centre of flour mixture; add milk. Using a knife, “cut” the milk through the flour mixture to mix to a soft, sticky dough. Knead dough on floured surface until smooth.
4.Press dough out evenly to 2cm thickness. Dip 5cm cutter into as many rounds as you can from piece of dough. Place scones side by side, just touching, in pan. Brush tops with a little extra milk.
5.Bake scones about 15 minutes or until browned and scones sound hollow when tapped firmly on the top with fingers.

To make wholemeal scones; omit dates. Replace the self-raising flour with 1 cup (160g) wholemeal self-raising flour and 1 cup (150g) white self-raising flour.


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