Buckle up baby cakes

buckle up Baby Cakes
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Royal icing


1.Knead a quarter of the ready-made icing on surface dusted with a little cornflour until icing loses its stickiness. Roll 200g (6½ ounces) of the icing on surface dusted with cornflour until 3mm (⅛-inch) thick. Using cutter, cut 16 x 5cm (2-inch) squares from icing. Transfer squares to baking-paperlined tray to dry. Reserve icing scraps.
2.Using buckle template, trace 16 buckles onto baking paper. Turn paper over, place on a flat surface.
3.To make royal icing; sift the icing sugar through a fine sieve. Lightly beat the egg white in a small bowl until mixture is just broken up, do not whip into peaks. Beat in the icing sugar, a tablespoon at a time to get the right consistency. When icing reaches the right consistency, stir in the lemon juice using a wooden spoon.
4.Tint half the royal icing yellow. Three-quarters fill piping bag with yellow icing; snip tip off bag. Pipe around the inside and outside edges of 8 buckles in unbroken lines. Spoon white royal icing into another piping bag, repeat to make 8 white buckles. Allow buckles to dry.
5.Add a drop or two of lemon juice to the remaining white royal icing – icing should be the consistency of pouring cream. Spoon icing into another paper piping bag; snip tip from bag. Using picture as a guide, pipe icing into the yellow buckles by piping into the space to flood the area. Repeat with the yellow royal icing and white buckles. Allow the buckles to dry overnight.
6.Trim cake into a 20cm (8-inch) square; cut cake into 16 x 5cm (2-inch) squares. Transfer cakes to wire rack; place rack over a tray. Secure icing squares to tops of all cakes with a little royal icing.
7.Chop half the remaining ready-made icing (including scraps) into medium heatproof bowl; add one lightly beaten egg white. Stir mixture over medium saucepan of simmering water (don’t let water touch base of bowl). Gradually stir in about 1 tablespoon of warm water until the mixture becomes smooth and of a thick, slightly runny, (but not too runny) coating consistency. Do not overheat the mixture.
8.Carefully pour the mixture over eight of the cake squares, covering the tops and sides of the cakes completely. Repeat process with remaining icing, egg white and water. Stand cakes about 1 hour or until the icing feels firm.
9.Cut ribbon into lengths long enough to extend over sides of each cake. Thread through the buckles. Place each cake into a paper case. Place a buckle on each cake, push the ribbon down the sides of the cakes. Push the paper cases against the icing on the cakes to form a seal.

Equipment; 5cm (2-inch) square cutter buckle template; 4 paper piping bags; 16 plain yellow paper cases; 5cm (2-inch) square cutter buckle template; 4 paper piping bags; 16 plain yellow paper cases. The squares of icing and the buckles can be made at least two weeks ahead. Make a few more buckles to allow for breakages. Square paper cases are available in specialty food or kitchen shops, but we found round paper cases happily change shape to accommodate the square cakes. You could also secure the icing squares to the cakes using a little jam or lemon curd, if you prefer. The cakes can be completed up to two days ahead. Use a moist cake, such as a white mud cake, for this recipe. make sure that the cake is covered with icing and the paper cases are pressed firmly around the cakes as this will help to keep them fresh for a day or so. These little buckles are so trendy your baby will make the fashion pages. The buckles can be a little fiddly to make and, because they’re quite delicate, it’s best to make a few more just in case any breakages occur.


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