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Apple, pork and prune casserole

Sprinkled with fresh sage and brimming with contrasting flavours, this casserole makes a wonderful family meal.
apple, pork and prune casserole
1H 20M



1.Preheat oven to 180°C/350°F.
2.Heat half the oil in 2.5 litre (10-cup) flameproof dish; cook leek, stirring, until soft. Remove from dish.
3.Trim fat and bone from chops; cut pork into 5cm (2-inch) pieces. Coat pork in flour, shake off excess.
4.Heat remaining oil in dish; cook pork, stirring, until browned. Add leek and stock to dish, cover; cook, in oven, 45 minutes.
5.Remove dish from oven; skim off any fat. Stir in rice, apple, prunes and half the sage; cook, covered, in oven, about 20 minutes or until pork and rice are tender. Season to taste.
6.Serve casserole sprinkled with remaining sage.

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