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10 terrific Thermomix recipes

Delicious ideas for this all-in-one appliance.

Much more than just a food processor, a Thermomix can chop, grate, blend, puree, mill, grind, whip, sauté, boil, steam, weigh and more, often at the same time. A ‘thermo’ is the busy cook’s best friend, with its multi-layered cooking ability, hands-free stirring and set-and-forget functions. Plus, cleaning and mess is reduced to a minimum – what’s not to like?

There are a variety of brands and price ranges on the market and, as with any appliance, it is important to read your product’s manual and safety instructions thoroughly before use.

Looking for another use for the Thermomix? Use this recipe to make your own peanut butter.


Chipotle maple pulled pork burgers

Chipotle maple pulled pork burgers

Pulled pork burgers with apple slaw just got a whole lot easier. Now you can create this classic American favourite in your Thermomix.


Thermomix dairy-free nut milks

Thermomix dairy-free nut milks

Easily make your favourite dairy-free milk alternatives in minutes (plus soaking time) using your Thermomix.


Harissa chicken & couscous soup Thermomix

Harissa chicken & couscous soup

This spicy and fragrant chicken soup is made super simple with the use of your Thermomix. Harissa adds a distictive touch with a fiery kick.


three veg mac n cheese

This three veg mac and cheese recipe is not only easy to make in your Thermomix, its also packed with hidden veg making it your new family favourite.


Korean short rib bao

Korean short rib bao

Tender short ribs in a rich and fragrant Korean-style sauce served with fresh pickled carrot and onions on soft steamed bao buns.


Thermomix lamb koftas with tabbouleh and garlic toum

Lamb koftas with tabbouleh and garlic toum

This fragrant meal is super quick and easy in your Thermomix. Tender lamb with fresh tabbouleh and garlic toum served on Lebanese flatbreads. Yum!


Thermomix swedish meatballs with gravy & mash

Swedish meatballs with gravy & mash

Move over IKEA these meatballs are the only swedish meatball recipe you need and they’re super easy to make in your Thermomix.


Thermomix spaghetti ramenaise

Spaghetti ramenaise

Pork mince flavoured with miso paste, shiitake mushroom and ginger and served with ramen noodles for a Japanese twist on the classic family meal.


Thermomix chilli prawn chorizo penne

Thermomix chilli prawn chorizo penne

This simple chilli prawn pasta with chorizo is easy to create in your Thermomix and can be on the table in under an hour.


risoni with chicken and salsa verde

Risoni with chicken and salsa verde

An all-in-one dish of steamed chicken breast with a vibrant salsa verde that adds fresh and zesty flavour and served with risoni pasta.

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