Thermomix dairy-free nut milks

Go nuts for these dairy-free milks.
300 mL

Easily make your favourite dairy-free milk alternatives in minutes (plus soaking time) using your Thermomix.

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1.Place nuts in a large bowl and cover with hot water. Cover and stand for 2 hours for macadamias and 4 hours for other nuts, or overnight, if you have time.
2.Drain and rinse nuts under cold running water; drain well. Place nuts and 2 cups (500g) water in mixing bowl; blend for 2 min/speed 10 or until very smooth.
3.Place a medium sieve over a medium bowl and line with muslin (or a nut bag). Strain milk through muslin, squeezing cloth to extract as much liquid as possible. Place milk in a glass jar and refrigerate.

Save the nut pulp and dry it out in a slow oven to use for cereal toppings or to add to curries and pastes.

To make coconut milk, substitute nuts for desiccated coconut and soak in very hot water for 1 hour; strain. Blend for 1 min/speed 10. Continue with step 3.

Refrigerate nut milk for up to 5 days.