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25 perfect pasta bakes

Comfort food.
sausage pasta bake

Hearty comfort food ... Italian sausage pasta bake (recipe below).

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Pasta bake is one of those ideal go-to dinner ideas. Not only is it a delicious midweek meal, it’s also easy to make and easier to clean up! From mornay, to macaroni cheese and even cheeky pesto chicken this collection has the best pasta bake recipes.

Looking for more pasta recipes or tray bakes?

tuna mornay



As far as we’re concerned, if it has pasta and you bake it it’s a pasta bake – even if you might also call this delicious recipe a tuna mornay.


ricotta and spinach pasta bake

Whether it’s as a side dish or the main event, it’s so easy to create a delicious vegetarian pasta bake. This ricotta and spinach pasta bake uses pasta shells to hold mouthwatering spoonfuls of cheese and sauce.


Buttermilk mac ‘n’ cheese

Buttermilk mac ‘n’ cheese

Buttermilk makes mac and cheese extra creamy. Pick your choice of protein and make it a substantial meal.


Leek and broccoli tuna pasta bake

Leek and broccoli tuna pasta bake

Hearty, comforting and utterly delicious, a pasta bake goes a long way in satisfying those hunger pangs and this quick recipe sneaks in a few healthy veggies to help hit your five-a-day with ease – yum!


chicken pesto bake

This chicken and pesto pasta bake combines classic flavours for an unbeatable feed.


Julie Goodwin pastitsio

Julie Goodwin’s pastitsio

This Greek pasta bake recipe is true home-made comfort food and tastes even better reheated the next day.


Cauliflower, bacon and cheese pasta bake

Cauliflower, bacon and cheese pasta bake

A simple, budget-friendly pasta bake to feed the family.


Chicken and corn pasta bake

Chicken and corn pasta bake

Vegetarian lasagne recipes


Pumpkin and goats cheese lasagne

Pumpkin and goats cheese lasagne

A delightful vegetarian dinner.

Creamy bolognese pasta bake


Creamy bolognese pasta bake

Combine two favourites with this creamy bolognese pasta bake, topped with a creamy white sauce.

Chilli tuna pasta bake
(Credit: Woman’s Day)


Chilli tuna pasta bake

Hearty, warming and packed full of flavour, this tuna pasta bake is cooked with a spicy tomato-chilli sauce and topped with oozy melted cheese to create the ultimate comfort food for a tasty Winter dinner dish.

creamy tuna pasta bake


Creamy tuna pasta bake

Creamy tuna pasta bake

One of those perfect stand-by recipes for a week-night family dinner, you can use a can of flavoured tuna, such as chilli or lemon pepper, to add interest if you like.

Salmon and broccoli pasta bake
(Credit: Woman’s Day)


Salmon and broccoli pasta bake

If tuna isn’t your thing, this salmon and broccoli pasta bake recipe is another tasty option.



This macaroni cheese recipe would absolutely count as a pasta bake!



Sausages are a deliciously convenient way to add extra flavour to a midweek pasta bake. This Italian sausage pasta bake recipe calls for the sausage casings to be cut and the contents crumbled into the dish, while this spicy sausage pasta bake uses sliced cooked sausages – perfect for leftovers!

beef, garlic and silver beet pasta bake


Beef, garlic and silverbeet pasta bake

Beef, garlic and silverbeet pasta bake

(Credit: Australian Women’s Weekly)


Cannelloni straight-up

With a herbaceous beef filling and cheesy sauce, this classic tubular pasta bake makes for a stand out way to feed the entire family. It even makes enough to reheat for an easy weeknight meal.

cheesy pumpkin and almond pasta bake


Cheesy pumpkin and almond pasta bake

The perfect combination of cheese and pumpkin with an added crunch from almond creates the perfect vegetarian bake.

cheesy-vegie pasta bake


Cheesy-vegie pasta bake

This cheesy-vegie pasta bake recipe is bulked out with tender and delicious cauliflower and broccoli.


Cauliflower and cheese pasta bake

This simple cauliflower and cheese pasta bake is like macaroni and cheese meets cauliflower gratin!



For something a little different why not try risoni? This rice-shaped pasta does wonderfully in this chicken and risoni pasta bake.

spicy tuna pasta bake


spicy tuna pasta bake

For something a little more fancy this spicy tuna pasta bake will get you there.



Chicken, mushroom and asparagus creamy pasta bake

Creamy and comforting, this asparagus, chicken and mushroom pasta bake is a great mid-week dinner recipe. It’s also handy on a busy weekend when you’ve got lots of mouths to feed.

chicken and pumpkin pasta bake


Chicken and pumpkin pasta bake

This chicken and pumpkin pasta bake uses a cooked chicken for an even more convenient dinner.

lemony tuna and pasta bake


Lemony tuna and pasta bake

Lemony tuna and pasta bake

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