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28 chicken dinner recipes for weeknights

Whichever cut you prefer, chicken is a versatile and affordable choice for many families.
Chicken dinner recipes - a quick chicken casserole
This quick chicken casserole is ready in just 35 minutes

Chicken is Australia’s favourite protein, and it’s easy to see why with our tasty collection of chicken dinner recipes!

We’ve rounded up all your favourites to make getting dinner on the table easier. Choose from schnitzels, curries, roasts, pies, pastas, soups, and more! From fast air fries to tray bakes, these chicken dinner recipes are made for low-stress weeknight meals. So, what do you feel like tonight?

Roast chicken tips

Roasting chicken is one of the tastiest ways to enjoy a cost-effective whole chicken, so we’ve included a clever air fryer roast chicken recipe below.

The key to achieving a crispy, golden-brown skin on the chicken is keeping the skin and flesh intact during roasting. Check whether chicken is done by piercing the thigh with a wooden skewer and inspecting the juices for any signs of pinkness (blood). If there is no sign of pink juices, the chicken is done. You can also check by tugging the drumstick – if the thigh joint feels loose, the chicken is fully cooked through.

How to cook chicken breast

When it comes to chicken breast fillets, you need to be aware that different rules apply for moist-heat cooking (poaching or baking in parchment) and dry-heat cooking (roasting, grilling, frying). When using moist heat, as in poaching, keep the heat low and cook for a longer period of time.

Grilled chicken breasts cook in 8-10 minutes, while poached breasts cook in about 20 minutes (this includes the cooling period in the pan). One way to ensure juicy, moist chicken fillets is to brine them before cooking as the salt draws moisture into the cells. To brine chicken, place breasts in a solution of salt and water for 1 hour in the refrigerator, then rinse away excess salt.

Try our super popular lemon parmesan pan chicken recipe, below, for a juicy, flavoursome chicken breast dinner.

Side dishes you’ll love

Looking to add more to your meal? Pair your favourite chicken dinner recipes with a hearty, seasonal side dish. Try garlic roasted potatoes and mushrooms, Brussels sprouts with chilli honey or buttery mashed potato. Delicious!

Chicken and Corn Pasta Bake
Quick & Easy
September 13, 2021

Chicken and corn pasta bake

Leftovers can be eaten cold and are great for kids’ lunchboxes – pack with an ice brick. Note
Chicken fried rice
Quick & Easy
July 16, 2015

Chicken fried rice

This Asian inspired dinner is quick, simple and SO tasty! Full of delicious flavour and texture, this chicken fried rice is sure to become a family favourite in no time!

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