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Three-in-one Christmas cake fruit mix

A versatile fruit mix recipe.
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If you love to make that traditional Christmas cake you can often find yourself without the time to get it all done as the big day draws closer. This mix can be made up to one month in advance and tastes even better when left to sit for a while and helps take the stress out of hurried baking.

A good pudding or Christmas cake relies on a nice boozy fruit mix. This recipe has the perfect balance and also serves as a delicious filling for your fruit mince pies.

Fruity, boozy and good for Christmas fruit cake, Christmas pudding and fruit mince pies.


Three-in-one Christmas cake mix


Three-in-one Christmas cake mix


Combine all ingredients in large bowl, mix well; cover tightly.


Store mixture in a cool dark place at least overnight or for up to a month, stirring occasionally.

This basic fruit mixture recipe makes one deep 22cm round cake, one boiled pudding and about 48 fruit mince tarts. The mixture can be prepared at least a month before you are ready to use it. Simply stir the ingredients occasionally. Store in a cool dark place or refrigerate. We used Grand Marnier in this recipe to tie in with the citrus flavour, but sherry, rum, brandy or whisky can be used instead.


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