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Taramasalata recipe
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Taramasalata is a Greek mezze that takes its name from the Greek name for salted cod roe – tarama. This recipe uses mashed potato but there are variations using bread soaked in water. The colour of this dip can vary from beige to pink depending on the roe (commercial versions are often coloured pink). Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need food processor to make this delicious dip. We simply use a potato masher and a thorough mash to achieve that gorgeous fluffy texture.

What is taramasalata made of?

Taramasalata is a beloved Greek dip traditionally served with a light pita bread as part of a mezze plate. This gorgeous dip is made from salted cod roe, and this recipe uses mashed potato to give the dip its fluffy texture, though some recipes use bread soaked in water to achieve a similar texture.

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Boil, steam or microwave potato until tender; cool. Refrigerate until cold.


Mash potato in small bowl with tarama, onion, oil, vinegar and juice until smooth.

Tarama is salt-cured carp or cod roe, available in fish shops.


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