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Spinach, goat’s cheese and prosciutto rolled omelette

This is, quite possibly, the best omelette ever. It's like a breakfast burrito, gift wrapped in fluffy, eggy goodness. Serve with a tomato basil salad.
spinach, goat's cheese and prosciutto rolled omelette



1.Whisk eggs in large jug with fork until combined, season.
2.Spray large wok with cooking oil; heat on medium-high. Pour one-third of egg mixture into wok, swirling, to make a large, thin omelette; cook until set. Slide omelette onto sheet of baking paper. Repeat with remaining egg mixture to make two more omelettes. Cool.
3.Meanwhile, place spinach in large microwave-safe bowl; microwave, covered, on HIGH (100%) about 2 minutes or until wilted. When cool enough to handle, squeeze out excess moisture from spinach.
4.Finely chop prosciutto. Peel and crush garlic. Combine prosciutto, cheeses, garlic and spinach in medium bowl.
5.To assemble, slightly overlap two omelettes to form a rough rectangle. Halve the remaining omelette; place over the rounded lower halves of other omelette to reinforce. Fold in the sides to make a rough rectangle.
6.Spoon cheese mixture down long edge of rectangle closest to you; roll up tightly to enclose filling. Place, seam-side down, on board; slice into six pieces.

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