Quick & Easy

Heart-shaped hamwiches

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1.Using 7.5cm heart cutter, cut two hearts from each slice of bread. Using 4cm heart cutter, cut out a smaller heart from the centre of half the large hearts.
2.Spread one side of the large uncut hearts with some of the cream cheese, top with ham. Spread the remaining cream cheese on one side of the remaining hearts; place on top of ham.

You need a loaf of the larger-sized bread (slices measure 12cm across). Ham slices can be used instead of the shaved ham, if you like. The little cut-out hearts can be used to make fairy bread or sandwiched with a cut-out heart of sliced cheese, held together with a toothpick and grilled until browned. Sandwiches can be made three hours ahead; keep covered in refrigerator. Use heart cutter to cutout heart shapes from ham for a really neat fit.


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