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Ham and bacon

Glazed ham on a board with slices missing

Apple caramel glazed ham

Done right, glazing takes ham from a humble stand-by to a show-stopping centrepiece on the Christmas table, adding layers of flavour along the way.
Glazed ham being carved

How to glaze a ham

Watch this step-by-step guide to glazing a ham for all the tools and techniques you'll need for a stunning (and delicious) result on Christmas Day.
marmalade-glazed ham

Marmalade glazed ham

The Christmas table is not complete without a perfectly glazed ham, and this recipe is one of our most popular.
How to carve a Christmas ham

How to carve a Christmas ham

When it comes to making that first slice into your gorgeously glazed Christmas ham it can be daunting to know where to begin! Let us show you how to carve like a pro for your Christmas dinner.